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Key management committee members of ESG Future Foundation have successfully developed a new IEEE standard

Key management committee members of ESG Future Foundation have successfully developed a new IEEE standard:

P2781-2022 “IEEE Guide for Load Modeling and Simulations for Power Systems” is now released by the IEEE Standards Association.

Prof. Junhua ZHAO from the Chinese University of Hong Kong has 11 years of experience in the power industry in Australia. His research area includes smart grid, electricity market, energy economics, data mining and artificial intelligence.

The IEEE standard P2781-2022 provides comprehensive policies and procedures of load modeling and simulations, and includes guidance for developing load models, identifying load model parameters, and utilizing measurement data for load model development at various voltage levels. This standard enables more accurate simulations of power system operation. Based on this standard, more accurate approaches and results of power system carbon intensity and carbon accounting will be achieved, and the high proportion of renewable energy integration in the power system will develop towards a more stable and economic direction.


  • Jorge Gonzalez Henrichsen
  • July 11, 2023
ESG Principles: Why Manufacturers Must Embrace Sustainability

Large manufacturers increasingly demand that their suppliers also adhere to these standards, ensuring that goods are produced sustainably and that employees are held in high regard. As a result, small suppliers who do not incorporate ESG into their business model may risk losing their clients to competitors who have already made these changes.

Pfizer Announces Commitment to Accelerate Climate Action and Achieve Net-Zero Standard by 2040
  • Pfizer aims to achieve net-zero targets ten years earlier than the expectations of the Net-Zero Standard
  • Commitment is aligned with Pfizer’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) priorities
  • Pfizer also signs voluntary U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) pledge committing to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and accelerate climate action 
  • June 30, 2022
  • Corporate
  • July 05, 2022

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) is today (Tuesday) pleased to announce the launch of the Hong Kong International Carbon Market Council (the Council). HKEX is partnering with a number of leading corporates and financial institutions as inaugural Council members to explore carbon opportunities in the region.

PwC Australia launches 130-strong new business to help Australia with its $500bn transition to a clean energy economy

PwC Australia has formed a new dedicated Energy Transition business, establishing a hub of 132 experts to help facilitate Australia’s successful transition to a decarbonised economy by 2050.

  • PWC
  • 2022
  • Glenda Korporaal
  • July 04, 2022
ASX 200 companies respond to rising pressure for ESG disclosure: ACSI chief executive Louise Davidson

Rising pressure from investors, regulators, and society is pushing many ASX 200 companies to improve disclosure on environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks, according to Louise Davidson, the chief executive of the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI).

ESG issues covered at QME event

Mining industry thought leaders will gather from July 19-21 at the Queensland Mining and Engineering Exhibition in Mackay to inspire and share insights at the Seminar Series, sponsored by Komatsu.

On Thursday, July 21 at 10:10am, a panel that’s both timely and topical will focus on mining leadership in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, with contributions from ESG leaders across industry, academia, public sector and consulting backgrounds.

  • Ray Chan
  • June 14, 2022
  • Timothy Rahill; Maureen Schuller; Jeroen van den Broek
  • July 05, 2022
European Central Bank takes a swing at ESG

On Monday, the ECB lifted a further corner of the veil on how it will integrate climate change into its monetary policy operations. The ECB announced that it will begin to decarbonise its corporate bond holdings. We take a look at the specifics of the collateral framework, and what this means for the ESG credit market


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