• Airbus is getting ready to test-flight its first megawatt-class hydrogen fuel-cell engine prototype.

    30 November 2022 | Airbus, a major player in the aerospace industry, said that it is working on a hydrogen-powered fuel cell engine. The propulsion system is being evaluated as a potential way to outfit Airbus' zero-emissions aircraft. On its A380 flight test aircraft, the business stated that it intends to test the fuel cell demonstration.

  • EU Unveils Rules Requiring all Packaging to be Recyclable by 2030

    30 November 2022 | According to new proposed regulations released today by the European Commission, all packaging sold in the EU will need to be 100% recyclable by 2030 in order to combat rising packaging waste and assist the EU's environmental and climatic goals.

  • Offshore wind farm proposal to deliver renewable energy to South Australia

    30 November 2022 | Blue Float Energy and Energy Estate are putting up another offshore wind farm project in an undisclosed site along the South East coast of South Australia after unveiling a number of offshore wind projects throughout Australia and New Zealand.

  • Hong Kong Exchange Publishes Findings of its Latest Review of Issuers’ ESG Disclosures

    25 November 2022 | As the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong works to further improve climate-related disclosures in accordance with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) framework and the new International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) climate standards, issuers listed on the exchange are being encouraged to start planning and developing the infrastructure and systems necessary to meet future climate reporting requirements.

  • At COP27, retailers accelerate their transition to sustainable fibres

    15 November 2022 | Retailers including H&M, Kering and Inditex announced that they will buy more than half a million tonnes of low-carbon alternative fibres for clothes and packaging. 33 companies, printers, and producers made the statement at the same time as the COP27 climate talks, which are being held in Egypt till the end of this week and aim to increase ambition in reducing global warming. According to World Bank data, 10% of all glasshouse gas emissions are attributable to the fashion industry. Despite this year's record-breaking temperatures, global emissions have kept rising. Retailers have pledged to buy 550,000 tonnes of alternative fibres generated from used textiles and agricultural waste.

  • Brisbane Airport will be carbon-neutral by 2025

    13 November 2022 | By 2025, all operations at Brisbane Airport—aside from flights—will be powered entirely by renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and pumped hydro, according to an announcement made on Sunday by Energy Minister Mick de Brenni. Brisbane Airport Corporation will be a net-zero carbon emitter by 2025 thanks to an arrangement to obtain a significant portion of its energy from a sizable wind farm located about 150 km north-west of Rockhampton. On Sunday, Brisbane Airport Corporation CEO Gert-Jan de Graaff, Energy Minister Mick de Brenni, and Stanwell Energy CEO Michael O'Rourke all spoke. Stanwell, a government-owned energy generator that owns the Tarong coal power station in Kingaroy and the Stanwell coal plant west of Rockhampton, will be the source of the power. The price of the energy contract was kept under wraps because, according to de Brenni, the specifics were commercially sensitive.

  • Sales of new energy vehicles in China rise by 75%, with BYD and Tesla leading the way

    8 November 2022 | Retail sales of new-energy vehicles in China increased 75% in October compared to a year earlier, driven by leading seller BYD Co., though they were 9% lower than in September due to interruptions caused by Covid. According to figures released on Tuesday by the China Passenger Car Association, a total of 556,000 passenger NEVs, comprising pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, were sold in the previous month. Sales increased to 4.43 million in the first ten months of the year as a result. While Tesla Inc. delivered 71,704 vehicles, including 54,504 for export, BYD Co. shipped 217,518 vehicles. In October, wholesale sales of passenger NEVs reached 676,000. In November and December, the PCA anticipates monthly dealer sales to surpass 700,000, bringing the total for this year to 6.5 million units.

  • ASX100 companies performing strongly on climate and ESG reporting

    19 October 2022 KPMG According to a KPMG study, the ASX100 companies perform better than their overseas counterparts when it comes to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting. According to the company, nearly 90% of ASX100 companies recognised climate as a financial risk, compared to only 64% of the largest 250 global companies (G250). Additionally, the percentage of ASX100 companies who declare carbon objectives has improved from 67% in 2020 to 89% at this time, surpassing the G250 companies, of which only 80% do so. According to Adrian King, partner in charge of sustainability, climate change, and ESG services at KPMG Australia, the improvement in both criteria was encouraging to see.

  • BP accelerates and expands in bioenergy, agreeing to buy leading US biogas company Archaea Energy

    17 October 2022 BP The largest U.S. distributor of renewable natural gas (RNG), Archaea Energy, has been acquired by energy giant bp in a deal worth over $4 billion, including $3.3 billion in cash and the assumption of $800 million in nett debt. Bp asserts that the acquisition will improve the company's capacity to assist both the decarbonization aspirations of its clients and its own goal of lowering the carbon intensity of the goods it sells.RNG is a pipeline-quality biomethane that is produced during the breakdown of biological waste materials. It has undergone processing to make it totally interchangeable with natural gas sourced from fossil sources for uses such as power production, heating, and transportation fuels.